7 Best Ways To Deal With Online Bullies

What is a Forum Bully?

If they think you're crazy, that's okay too! NA Najia Asghar Aug 14, CMHypno — Yeah, sadly bullies are everywhere. They will usually read this as fear or success, and they will bully you more as a result. Therefore, we are encouraged to slap back and show strength. A Anonymous Apr 22,

2. You aren’t comfortable being yourself.

We live in a time where a huge part of our daily interactions with people lies online, in a virtual world where speed of communication is key, and entertainment value is significant, if not vital. The Internet has enabled us to cross time and space barriers, allowing instant access, responses to and sharing of information. Everyone is no longer mere consumers of information, but also producers.

This overall ease of instant communication, though powerful, is very often abused by people who lack good intentions—people who are careless, mindless, insensitive, unhappy with themselves, culturally unaware, bigoted, self-centered, biased, or simply mean-spirited.

How should we deal with the online bullies who leave nasty comments on our Facebook posts, our Tweets, our WordPress, our Tumblr, our YouTube videos, our Instagram photos, and wherever? How do we deal with these strangers? How do you stop the constant chain of discouraging notes and the on-and-off harassment.

Tell them that you know what they are doing. Tell them that what they are doing is wrong. They might even be shocked that you dare to speak up. By sending them a personal message, you make yourself appear to them as an actual person who can be hurt and feel pain, and less of virtual person whom they think might not even exist. But do not send a hateful message of vulgarities, slurs and insults.

Be the bigger person. Bullies often think that they can simply hide behind their computer screens while they go about spreading hate online.

If you know who they are, you have the choice to tear off their veil of anonymity. Let them and their evil deeds come to light. Let people know who they are. Warn others about them. By helping yourself, you also help others from getting hurt. By not avoiding the use of those terms yourself, you show the bullies that you do not feel fear or sadness at the mere sight of those words.

You own the names when you truly overcome the power they have over your happiness. In this case, they might become even more aggressive with their taunting.

Being a victim of online bullying is not something to be ashamed of. If you turn things around and make it something you are unafraid to be open and honest about, you will emerge as victorious. You win by being open about it. This is how we fight bullying—by talking about it, sharing about it, and helping each other brave through it. While the bullies will always be there as bullies, every bullied person will come out of the battlefield as a stronger and wiser being. We all need some love and support in the times of personal crisis.

We are all social beings who need to talk to each other about our day and our feelings. At some point, you will have to let it out to feel better.

Nobody wants to be bullied, criticized or humiliated. It is not a nice feeling to be disliked by other people. At this point, instead of throwing yourself a pity-party and wallowing in your own self-sympathy, you should talk to your friends and family. And stop thinking that people will be ashamed of you. We want to stop bullying and pointless personal attacks because it will quickly ruin a perfectly good online community.

If the community forum gets taken up with mostly tit-for-tat type shouting, nobody in their right mind would want to visit, much less participate. Many people act as if reporting bullying behavior is somehow cowardly, or is a suppression of free-speech. That is not the case at all. Bullying should be stopped because it is bad for the health of a community, and it clogs up the information channels with useless, pointless, and negative bickering.

Bullying and personal attacks are not free-speech, rather it is verbal abuse. If we care about the community, we should all do our part to stop forum bullying. We are often very affected by our surrounding social environment. The more bullying there is, the more bullying it will attract. If we create an environment that is unfriendly to bullying, then these online thugs will go somewhere else to spread their particular form of decay and rot.

It is a big waste of time to interact with forum bullies. However, if we feel compelled to converse with our friendly online thug, then the only way to fight negative verbal attacks is by dispelling it with humor and positive energy. Rehabilitating a forum bully will take a lot of patience and a lot of positive energy. There is little point to it unless we are applying for Sainthood. Most of us do not think of ourselves as bullies.

We are all heroes in our own minds, and a bully is no exception. In fact, many bullies see themselves as a fearless fighter for God, Country, and the path to Righteousness. The truth is, there is a forum bully in every one of us. The key though is to recognize those negative actions and to take steps to correct them. When we commit negative acts and bullying behavior, we not only hurt others, but actually end up hurting ourselves most.

If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

Today, many of us see nonresistance or nonviolence as a weakness. After all, if we turn the other cheek, we may just keep getting slapped. Therefore, we are encouraged to slap back and show strength. Bullies try to turn everyone into their likeness by calling us cowards for not resorting to verbal violence. After all, why should I spare pain to a bully when he seems to have no concern for me or others. Negative energy infects, and bullies carry negative energy like plague ridden fleas.

The way to combat this particular plague is not by spreading more negative energy. Rather, we want to dispel the negativity with positive energy or just ignore the flea and use plenty of repellent. What is virtual sin? Are virtual sins similar to real sins? How are they different? Can virtual sin cause real harm or is it mostly harmless? What do you think? What really annoys me is when I see a moderator bullying another user.

I like most of the users and learn a lot from their posts but these two moderators are horrible. I also experienced intimidation when I was in high school exclusively for girls, so they were very mean to each others. But nowadays,the subject came up again everywhere and it reminds me of what I experienced myself at school insults without reasons, mockeries, crying hidden in the bathroom, suicidal ideas, etc.

My children are still young 5 and 8 years but I intend to do everything to prevent them from living what I experienced so I am documenting myself a lot on the subject. I share their website with you, there is a list of the chapters inside the book, I found it really good!

Thank you for your post. Bullying happens across all age groups in different social settings, but we can win in my many positive ways. Here is a video I enjoy for myself and share with others https: Thank you for the post. Learned the hard way with forums too. I just started staying away from them. Verbal and emotional abuse is harmful, especially continued for long periods of time.

It will drag you down. I never spent a lot of time on forums, but I went to a spouse caregiver support forum after my husband of 28 years had a serious traumatic brain injury and had to start living in a facility and I felt overwhelmed. There were bad experiences on some other forums before I quit them. I decided it was better to swear off of forums in most cases. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Thats what we learnt as kids and to ignore. Nothings different really — just people type things instead of saying them behind your back.

A part of learning social skills and life is to learn to ignore these types. Stop making such a huge deal over some nasty words-. Get out join a sports club — where yes people will still by nasty but join the real world. I was bullied on a forum called babycenter. Its a very large site with lots of users. I was immediately attacked by dozens of the other moms on the site, who were personally offended because their children wear this brand of clothing.

They kept posting to me over and over again, called me all kinds of names, used profanity and for whatever reason, took the time to post pictures of themselves wearing the clothes on the thread we were on to further prove their point.

I tried to explain it was just an opinion, but I was attacked repeatedly. She also implied that as a new member of their board, I should know my place or something to that effect. It became clear she was already friends with these people. I am still waiting to hear back from the website regarding this, however I have requested that they delete my profile because I am afraid of some of the posters there.

This experience honestly makes me wonder about the other adults I meet in real life. Would they be like this on an internet message board? OMG, I just had a similar experience on baby center. No profanity but use of scare tactics and searching my other posts for personal identifying info!

I just requested my account be removed. I have no idea why so many people bully online. The bullied should never become the bully. It was listed under regular Ublock. It was totally unnecessary. He made it obvious he was most likely one of the developers of the product. People give one star reviews all the time. No one at Chrome or Firefox has ever blasted, humiliated or insulted me for not being pleased with a product.

The moderators at Pale Moon are just as immature and highly unprofessional. Nothing insulting at all. My cousin finally got fed up of the abuse and sent both Opera and Pale Moon a shout out on ComplaintsBoard. I have always hated bullies so ce I was a kid and would even fight weak kids battles after school.

Hi Guys, Cyberbulling is shit! Someone out of the blue said my head is retarded. Thank you for posting. I am finding it helpful.

I am a newbie on a forum and no matter what I say, I get targeted by rogue moderators accusing of distrupting the forum when I havent done a thing. When try and tell them that I havent they go for me more. They are really singling me out and they go on to every thread I go on and have a go at me if I post anything — usually in polite response to another user flaming me. I have been accused of going off topic even though others have, told to stop doing some thing that I havent done and sworn at and get a traid of rude comments etc…no matter what I write all the users just attack me and then the moderates step in and attack me more accusing me of going of topic.

Every single time I try and post after a while a moderate comes on and attacks me and makes rude comments and accusations.

I am so sick of it. I dont know if its just the forum or me not doing well on the forum — I just cannot seem to say a thing without a moderator barking at me and breathing down my neck for nothing.

I just dont know whether its me or them. Sorry for posting twice. I have simply havent got a clue why they all hate me and want to attack me all the time. All the moderators just gang up on me and some of the users. Eventually I will always get picked on. I am so stupid. They got what they wanted — rip of me. The adminisrator is even worse towards me if I complain. Hello Elizabeth, I think there are many websites and forums today who are trying to get people to participate and visit.

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