How to Configure DNS Settings on Ubuntu & LinuxMint

Setup DNS Servers

Install and configure DNS server in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
DNS servers are comma separated. I was connecting to the DNS on my router, which for some unknown reason wasn't working with my server. Here is the more modern method. It would help if you could describe what it is you are trying to achieve. If you got results something like above, then primary DNS server is up and is working perfectly! The DNS server to use can be changed by updating head file in under resolv.

Part 2: Install and configure Secondary DNS server

How to set DNS nameservers in Ubuntu Server 18.04

We do this because, the secondary DNS will start to fetch the queries if primary server is down. Let us now create the zone files which we defined in the previous step. Similarly, you can add the other client records as defined in the above file. If the above commands returns nothing, it means DNS configuration is valid. Now, it is time to check whether the primary DNS server is working or not. If you got results something like above, then primary DNS server is up and is working perfectly!

You need a separate system to setup this server. Add or modify the following lines. Replace IP address and zone files with your own values. It is because AppArmor only allow write access inside it by default.

Save and close the file. Then, reboot your system to take effect the changes. At this stage, you will have working primary and secondary DNS servers. If you find this guide useful, please share it on your social networks and support OSTechNix. Thanks for stopping by! Have a Good day!! Fri Dec 09 If not, add it and try again. I have checked this guide multiple times on my local network. It worked every time as I explained.

I tried it once it worked properly.. Where should i add the secondary DNS zone. How can you use the same server for primary and secondary DNS? Hi, a question this steps is only for local network or this found for a real domain…?? Thanks for you reply and very nice tutorial. But the same steps should work on wither local or wan.

Hi, thank you for the tutorial I have a question, i want to build a mail server just for my campus homework, can i just build 1 DNS to operate the mail server? Thank you for the tuto. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Install and configure DNS server in Ubuntu Download — Free eGuide: How can I benefit from this blog: Subscribe to our Email Newsletter: Up to 3 name server internet IP address can be defined.

If there are multiple servers, the resolver library queries them in the order listed. Type the following command, enter: Test your dns configuration by typing the following commands: On Ubuntu the settings may get overwritten and will certainly get overwritten after a reboot.

It generates this from file a template where it gives you convenient hooks to add in your own static nameserver definitions. Here is the more modern method. Default installation of Ubuntu Server 9. It is part of default Linux C library. Noah, you need to setup dhclient to avoid overwriting, see: Hi, I am using ubuntu It does not seems to be updated. Does it require any server restart? If so what is that? If By using sudo? Thanks alot man, after a massive amount of research, I finally found your post.

Editing the tail file works flawlessly, thanks a lot man.

Install and Configure DNS server in Ubuntu 16.04

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How do I configure my DNS settings in Ubuntu server? Ask Question. up vote 92 down vote favorite. According to this page it appears to be simple. Change DNS to Coudflare on Ubuntu Server Hosted On AWS. 40 `apt-get update` cannot find Ubuntu servers. 0. The original post and comments describes how to *manually* change dns settings, under the hood, or on a server. The original mistake was that on a desktop environment, you have a proper GUI tool to do that, just like you would on Windows. Using Mint (on Ubuntu ) - but seen this with KDE, too - for some reason, setting DNS servers in the GUI Network Manager doesn't affect the DNS settings used in a terminal – HorusKol May 27 '15 at